LOTERIA Playing Cards. The most traditional game with the most contemporary design

DNIGMA is a team of young entrepreneurs who love magic and design. Based in the United States and Mexico, they have combined tradition and history from their roots with a modern and striking design. They have teamed up with 1 Simple Idea to create their second deck: LOTERIA.

LOTERIA is a very popular table game in Mexico (and not to be confused with the game of chance) dating from the colonial era. It is a game with a mechanic similar to Bingo that uses 54 cards and a set of boards. DNIGMA wanted to pay homage to this tradition from Mexican folklore by creating a very beautiful deck, with bright colors and many stories to tell.

They have used handmade illustrations that have been digitized and colored with careful detail. An eclectic vision brings together in each suit unique characters that connect through exciting stories that mix the everyday with the fantastic. The set is simply awesome, with a colorful but very clean aesthetic that facilitates the playability. Large aces are perfect for card magic and manipulation.




The back has an organic design and a combination of intense blue colors, used also in the tuck case. Furthermore, an interesting marking system (for magicians and tricksters) has been incorporated on the back.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC on Bee crushed stock and Magic finish so the quality will be simply amazing.

If you like the proposal, visit the project website and raise your pledge. You can also get add-ons such as game boards, t-shirts and even the very first deck created by DNIGMA, Imperio.

Good luck!