TALLY HO MASTER CLASS Playing Cards. A completely updated classic

Among the card brands produced by the USPCC, one of the most popular among magicians and cardists is the well-known Tally-Ho. Many artists and producers have created their own custom Tally-Ho decks. Now, Gambler’s Warehouse launches something new and different: TALLY HO MASTER CLASS.

Designed by Pablo M. (from 4PM Designs), Tally-Ho Masterclass takes the aesthetics of the classic Tally-Ho tuck case but completely redefines it through a luxurious finish as well as the cards faces, fully customized on pips, indexes, back, aces, jokers and a set of elegant symmetrical court cards.

The tuck case will use silver foil printing and will be closed with a silver foil seal. The USPCC will print two editions: Chrome Black and Chrome White, with print runs of 2500 and 1000 units respectively. The color schemes of both decks will be different, with the same designs on a black or white background. The cards, profusely ornamented, will include two gaff cards.



Original and beautiful decks perfect for magicians and cardists which character will delight players and collectors. If you want yours, do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!