RAVEN SIGNATURE Playing Cards. Animated minimalism

Stephen W. Brandt (Swabbed Decks) has been able to elevate playing card design to a whole new and original level. Each deck has become a mini flip book, where drawings come together to create an illusion of movement when rapidly flipping the cards. The result is a visually captivating experience that delights both players and spectators. His latest creation is RAVEN SIGNATURE.

The designs represent an elegant and functional synthesis of geometric shapes and visual elements, inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Minimalism manifests in this deck through a conscious reduction of unnecessary elements and ornamentation, leaving only the essential and fundamental for visual communication. The limited color palette complements the minimalist design while reinforcing a sense of order and visual harmony. Instead of seeking flashy effects, the deck aims to convey elegance and sophistication through simplicity.



As such, the focus on simplicity and economy of means is evident in the numbered cards. Basic geometric shapes like circles, squares, and triangles are used to represent the different faces, ensuring easy identification and legibility during gameplay. The court cards are also influenced by this aesthetic, featuring clean lines and defined forms, without superfluous embellishments that distract from their functional purpose.




The card backs and jokers showcase original illustrations of ravens by the 19th-century artist John James Audubon, adding a touch of history and artistry to the deck.



The focus on functionality and clear form extends to the deck’s animation. The flip-book animation, where a raven lands and takes off, highlights the deck’s essence without unnecessary complications. Each movement is carefully synchronized with the overall design, and seamless transitions between the cards create a smooth and engaging animated experience.



The decks will be printed in a highly limited run by MPC with a 100% recycled paper case in a matte finish. Each deck will be personally signed by the artist.

If you want to get a new animated deck, visit the project website to raise your pledge. You can also get the previous releases as add-ons.

Good luck!