Visions of Class Strife. Two new Steampunk themed Bicycle decks



Here we have a new Steampunk themed deck of cards. Two decks in fact.

Keith E. Weber II and Cara Jones already launched this project some months ago but didn’t reach the funding goal. After studying the suggestions of the community, they have worked hard on the relaunch. They have completely redefined the project and their proposal is something new and fresh that will fit the audience’s expectations. Two different decks with two different points of view of their characters.

Visions of Class Strife Bicycle deck is not only a set of cards, there is a story inside it. In fact, there is a story behind each of the court cards. The kings (aviator, noble, adventurer and doctor), the queens (automaton, socialite, femme fatal and brothel owner) and the jacks (time traveler, military captain, mad scientist and mechanic) are all present and alive and also connected one each other in a amazing steampunk universe.

The creators have designed two decks, to satisfy interests of magicians, collectors and players. The “full body” deck, where you can see the characters in their own full body expression, and the mirrored deck, with a more traditional symmetrical design for the court cards. Each deck has its own back, one more elaborate with an impressive glowing fuse in the center and a very deep design and another with a mix of gears and the custom pips in a flat design. So, we are not talking about the same deck in different colors but two different decks with two different vocations.

If the project get funds, the USPCC will print 5,000 limited edition run of the 2 decks, both printed with metallic inks on Bicycle paper with an embossed finish.

You can enjoy the card designs and visit the project website to get more info and raise your pledge.

Good luck!