ELIXIR APOTHECARY Playing Cards. The end of an elegantly inspiring series.

After two of the most successful campaigns of recent years, Alex Chin (Seasons Playing Cards) closes his Apothecary series with an authentic work of goldsmithing on playing cards: ELIXIR APOTHECARY.

All the knowledge acquired over the last years on the creation and production processes have been put at the service of this new deck to make something unique and truly beautiful. A work of art in which the tuck case has become as relevant (or more) than the cards themselves. Elixir brings together the visual concept linked to the previous decks paying homage to them but with its own personality and graphic contribution. Thus, if the previous decks were represented by a different suit, Elixir shows the perfect circle as the symbol of the culmination of the work. In addition, the color of its predecessors gives way to the absence of color (except for the gold).



The design of the cards follows the aesthetics of the previous decks, with new combinations of background and colors. The artist wanted to give the deck a sense of movement, present in the design of the back and the tuck case, the movement of a climatic orb at the moment of transformation that reminds each of the seasons in the series.



The complexity in the tuck case design is only comparable to the technical difficulties to get this work of art of engraving and embossing. The artist has squeezed the most of the technological capabilities to achieve such a prodigy. The simple observation of the deck allows you to get an idea of ??the complexity of this process in the creation of such a beautiful collection object.



The cards will be printed by the USPCC and offered in a very limited edition of 848 gold gilded decks that will undoubtedly be sold out along the campaign progress. In addition, a few collector cabinets of curiosity have been created and include the Elixir deck and the exclusive White Elixir edition in a white box and holographic gilding.



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Good luck!