Bicycle Wanted Dead or Alive deck. Playing cards with reward!


From the Wild West, a group of legendary characters inspire the Bicycle Wanted Dead or Alive deck.

There is a story behind each of the characters present in these cards. Wyatt Earp, Annie Oakley, Doc Holliday or General Custer appear in some of the court cards of these 52 cards completely customized by the Canadian graphic artist Vincent Tran.

Vincent said to me: “Growing up, I think most people have seen one or more wild west films, tv shows in their life. The wild west can be found throughout the globe, and for some it’s still their way of living to this day. For me the wild west represents a way of living that is truly grounded. Their way of living is raw, gritty and living off the land, surviving everyday is as real as it gets. I believe this way of living pushes toward an attitude that represents historic figures during the wild west period, thus hopefully capturing the slightest essence of who they may have been in this deck. Before creating this deck, a lot of thought and research went into all sorts of possibilities that would build interest. Everything from each element in the Victorian border designs, to the resemblance of each historic figure had to be either accurate
and appealing to the audience.

There will be two different editions, both with the same deck, but with different tuck boxes. An unlimited, in dark red and one limited to 500 decks in white. The designs are very interesting and evoke the Far West atmosphere.

You can find more information and raise your pledge in the project’s website. Enjoy the pictures (some exclusive) in the meanwhile.

Good luck!




If you back or are already a backer of this project, you can get a RED deck for $10,01 with free shipping to wherever in the world (or the universe). You can get this offer, just for Max Playing Cards’ readers, adding $10,01 to your existing pledge and sending a message to the creator through Kickstarter with the code MAXWANTED.