PIP BOX CLUB. The postman brings you a surprise with playing cards inside

Last month I talked about this new initiative of Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) and it seems that the acceptance by the community has been very good so it is time to talk about the PIP BOX CLUB.

The idea is as simple as stimulating: a surprise box that contains several decks shipped to almost any part of the world.

There are two different boxes. The small one, with three decks and the big one with six decks (two of each of the small box), with a monthly periodicity that can also be part of a 3, 6 or 12 months subscription.



Although the content is a mystery, there are some important facts regarding what can be found inside:

  • All decks will be completely new and sealed
  • At least one deck will be a very recent release (no more than two months)
  • At least one deck will be a recent release (no more than one year)
  • A deck could be a blast from the past (more than one year old)
  • At least two of the decks will be printed by USPCC
  • At least one deck will be Bicycle branded
  • No recent PCD will be included to avoid unfair disadvantages to Kickstarter backers

It also guarantees that the surprise will never disappoint regarding the value of the content. The scalability of the project will also allow to offer a better deal as the number of subscribers increases.

After almost a year on the card stage, PlayingCardDecks.com has managed to consolidate itself as a serious company concerned about the satisfaction of its customers. Will has been working on the creation of own projects with quality cards and offering, at the same time, a wide variety of decks through the website as well as a careful shipping service to guarantee a smooth experience.



To celebrate their first anniversary, a promotional deck will be made on a limited edition of 500 units printed by Gemaco with standard faces and gold foil on backs. This will be a mystery till the subscribers receive it in their first box.

Apart from the subscription to PIP BOX CLUB through PCD’s website, Will has launched a campaign on Kickstarter that allows backer to choose among several subscription tiers and to get also a few units of the first anniversary deck.

The first boxes will be distributed in May all around the world so, if you want to be surprised, visit the project website (only for USA and Canada backers) o PlayingCardDecks.com webshop (for everyone) to subscribe.

Good luck!