The Bunny with a Toolbelt Deck. Funny, creative and cute playing cards


Hilary Pfeifer and Bunny with a Toolbelt are the two sides of the same coin. The former is a craft-influenced sculptor full of experience and talent that creates sculptures and installations in art-galleries and museums while the later is her alter-ego that works on small figurative sculptures that are sometimes functional (nativity sets, wedding cake toppers) made on recycled wood and materials.



Based on those small sculptures the artist has decided to create a deck of multifunctional playing cards. There are just a couple of images to see but it is enough to imagine the final result… and it will be stunning!



The back is based on the classic 808 rider back but with bunnies and tools instead of angels and bikes, and the deck will feature 56 completely customized cards made by USPCC. A real set of funny and cute playing cards.

Keep informed about the project and raise your pledge on the campaign website.

Good luck!