WAR MOVIES Playing Cards. The mysterious attraction of war cinema

A few months ago I depicted The Box and Line deck and its creator, Steven Summers, a filmmaker with two decades of experience in a constant search for new creative challenges. Although his deck wasn’t funded, Steve strikes back with a new project: WAR MOVIES.

This is the first time that I write about a non-playing cards project, but it obviously has playing cards. I mean, in this campaign, Steve tries to collect funds to make a documentary in which he will explore the attraction that the audience feels for war cinema and the reasons behind it. To do this, he proposes an interesting study in which human behavior in relation to the subject will be analyzed through an eclectic set of interviewees and a sociological and psychological immersion.

In order to obtain the funding to be able to produce this interesting documentary, apart from other complements, Steven has designed a deck inspired by the war cinema, with monochromatic illustrations based on classic films from All Quiet on the Western Front to The Hurt Locker.



The designs are sober, but striking, trying to synthesize in a simple illustration the spirit of the film.



The back shows a symmetrical composition of a classic film reel.



Both the cards and the foiled tuck case will be printed by NPCC in a limited run of 1000 decks.



With this deck you will not only get a collector’s item but you will also help produce an interesting documentary about mankind and the perception of his own violence on the battlefield.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!