A NOT-SO KOSHER DECK. Playing cards full of friendly cannibalistic pigs

Stephen W. Brandt (Swabbed Decks) is a tireless designer, illustrator and animator who always offers us imaginative proposals. His latest project under the new seal fig. 23  is called A NOT-SO KOSHER DECK.

Behind this curious name you will find a fun campaign inspired by the mid-twentieth century advertisements in which pork-derived meat products were presented by cheerful pigs seemingly ignorant of their fatal fate.



The deck is an explosion of joy and color with a vintage style. All the details have been taken care of to offer a completely customized deck.

Each suit depicts a different group of meat products with pig characters inciting their consumption. Bacon, hot dogs, hamburgers or cold cuts are some of the succulent delicacies offered by the funny characters in the court cards with symmetrical compositions.



Following the idea of the new fig.23 seal, the deck includes a flip-book animation. Thus, the faces of all the cards will include an element in the corner that will be animated. You can check it looking at the head video in the campaign.

Two different jokers and a matching tuck case complete this interesting and creative deck.




The USPCC will print a limited run of 1000 decks with their high quality.

If you like it, do not hesitate, visit the project website and make your contribution. Furthermore, the shipping is free worldwide!

Enjoy your meal!