LOVE Cards. No Valentine’s Day without a Natalia Silva’s deck

Natalia Silva is a lovely artist in love with the playing cards design. Part of this love has been depicted in a series of decks created especially for Valentine’s Day with her most personal style. After “Love Is” and “Love U”, Natalia has just released LOVE Cards.



There is no doubt that this is another new release of the adorable vector illustrations in a semi-transformational deck featuring small and funny characters, in this case a cute kittens.



With quotes dedicated to the true love, each card is completely different and uses the already classic pattern of red and black colors that has made the artist so popular.



In an ultra-limited edition of 300 decks printed by Make Playing Cards, only 100 will be offered in the project and the rest will be pre-sold on Natalia’s webshop.

This is a short and already funded campaign so, if you want it, visit the project website and make your contribution as soon as possible.

Good luck!