APOTHECARY Playing Cards Part II. The most inspiring Fall and Summer

Playing Cards design has reached new dimensions in recent years thanks to creators with a lot of talent whose aim is bringing fans a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Alex Chin (Seasons Playing Cards) is one of those creators who has achieved his own identity through his designs. Now, he brings us the second part of one of his most successful campaigns: APOTHECARY II.

In order to turn invisible concepts into something tangible, each deck of this series is represented by a suit, a season, a concept and a different ingredient. In this second part, Alex explores the “Heart of Autumn” and the “Summer Diamond” from his own artist vision. Sharing the faces of the previous decks, each deck depicts a different back to achieve the best balance between the concept and its representation.



The beauty of the illustrations is accompanied by a multitude of effects and elements that make these decks an exclusive object of collecting: engraved wraps, metal foiling, numbering and signature, manual gilding and handmade boxes. Having these cards is, in some way, having a small piece of the history of contemporary cards.

Two different editions will be created: the Verana Virtues  with faces on black background and a borderless black back and the Seronda Sentiments with white backgrounds and a symmetrical back with white border.



The designer has also created two editions called “black label”, with beautiful numbered and signed sleeves that will cover the cool embossed and foiled tuck cases giving them more exclusivity.



In addition, as he did in the first campaign, Alex has created two very special editions, gilded in red and purple, with the amazing color changing tuck cases that go from orange to yellow with the heat of the touch. They will also have numbered and signed white sleeves. A limited edition exclusively for the project backers that will not be available in stores.



All decks will be printed by the USPCC in Aristocrat linen paper and the tuck cases will include all possible extras such as embossing or metallic foil.

The campaign was funded in a few hours and it is being a true success so, if you do not want to miss it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!