CABINET OF CURIOSITIES Playing Cards. Amazing objects from the most recondite places

The cabinets of curiosities were, during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, places of collection and exhibition of strange objects from every single corner of the world. It was possible to find amazing pieces classified into different categories (animals, plants or minerals) as well as man-made objects, scientific gadgets and works of art. They also had room for incredible (and disturbing) malformations of Nature preserved in formaldehyde or remains of mythological animals more typical of a circus of horrors. Their had a big relevance in the development of some sciences such as biology, paleontology or geology and before they completely disappeared during the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries they fed interesting pieces to new museums. Inspired by these interesting places,  Nam Tibon (Cellar Window) has just launched his new deck: CABINET OF CURIOSITIES.



Each and every one of the cards in this deck shows a different object, whose origin and operation is not easy to guess. Blending organic and mechanical elements each of these pieces is a challenge to the imagination. The illustrations have a retro style that stands out a black background.



The back is a symmetrical explosion of curious objects and natural forms. A curio cabinet full of curiosities decorates a beautiful tuck case closed with a perforated tax stamp seal and it will have, as stretch goals, embossing and inner printing (which will be democratically chosen by the backers among several options).



Apart from the Alabaster deck, a special edition, the Lapis Lazuli deck, will be also unlocked with enough funding.



Looking for a balance between quality, price, service and reasonable production time, Nam will print the deck with NPCC for the printing and distribution of his decks, which also allows him to offer free shipping to all parts of the world at different levels.

If you like, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!