GROTESK MACABRE BLACK MASS Edition. Metallic inks on black stock. A true collector deck

A few days ago I showed you the new deck of Lotrek: GROTESK MACABRE. Playing cards with careful design and dark inspiration.

When the campaign is already funded, Lotrek surprises us with a new and interesting edition of the deck: BLACK MASS. This is not just another a variation artificially created as a limited deck, but a true collecting item printed in Greece by Halfmoon Playing Cards.

The most interesting and special feature of these cards is that they will be printed on black stock (instead of white stock painted black) on which gold and red metallic inks will be used. The stock will have an embossed finish (air-pocket embossing) and the artist ensures that printing will not disappoint. The tuck case will be black foil on black stock. The deck will be also numbered and signed. Can you imagine such a dark beauty?




606 decks will be printed and only 500 will be available in the campaign at a maximum price (depending on quantities) of $29 including registered shipping to anywhere in the world. Definitely a very reasonable price considering the disproportionate prices we are used to in special editions.

The launch will be today, October 25, 2015 at 17: 00EDT. Visit the project website to raise your pledge and get this cool and exclusive edition.