BICYCLE STILL LIFE Playing Cards. Vegetable art

Fruits and vegetables strategically placed to simulate human portraits. This is the artistic base of this new deck: BICYCLE STILL LIFE.

The designs are inspired by the works of the great Giuseppe Arcimboldo who, since the 16th century, has managed to outwit the viewer’s senses with his portraits made of flowers, fruits, plants, animals and other objects. The illustrator Johnny Whaam has once again collaborated with Collectable Playing Cards to offer us a new deck full of color and aesthetic expression.

With this hand drawn illustrations, the artist has played with the shapes, volumes and proportions of different fruits and vegetables to create, in the court cards, a pareidolia that inevitably lead us to the perception of human faces.



The entire deck has been completely customized, extending this game of shapes to aces, jokers and numbered cards.



The back is also a symmetrical composition of natural elements.



The tuck case is decorated with a “fake” portrait inside an ace of spades and the back of the card, and closed with a custom seal.



A limited print run of this Bicycle branded deck will be printed by the USPCC with their usual high quality.

If you want to enjoy this artistic deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!