Voyager Bicycle Playing Cards. Inspired by the epic trips sailing the seven seas. PROMOTION for MPC’s readers

The Bicycle Voyager deck, designed by Bill Collins (The Other Look), shows a very interesting design inspired by the navigation world and the historical playing cards.

Printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock and embossed finish, the deck has 56 completely customized cards including 40 face cards, 12 court cards, 2 jokers and 2 gaff cards for magic effects.



A stunning deck, with a very careful design. If you like ti, go and pledge!

Enjoy the high resolution pics in the gallery.

Good luck!




The creator has offered a fantastic promotion for Max Playing Cards’ readers.

If you pledge (or have pledged) for two or more decks (and for their shipping), you will be able to get two extra deck for $9 each including the shipping (yes, also for international backers).

To get the deal, you have to send a personal message to the creator through the Kickstarter sytem with the word MAXVOYAGER.

Don’t miss it. GO AND PLEDGE!

Thanks to Bill Collins for this promotion