IMPRESSIONS GOLD and SILVER playing cards. The jewels of MPC’s Crown

Make Playing Cards has always been at the forefront in offering materials, finishes and accessories to their followers and customers, having positioned themselves as one of the main references in the world of card making and printing. One of their most popular products is the Impressions Series, already available in multiple colors that now comes back with the IMPRESSIONS GOLD and SILVER Playing Cards.



These new decks make use of the already popular high-gloss technology used by MPC, which combines a deep embossing with the metallic foil giving the cards an incredible bright relief and also keeping a quite good handling for magic tricks or cardistry.



On this occasion, two classic and elegant colors have been chosen, GOLD and SILVER, both on white background. The pictures speak for themselves and show the beauty and impressive finish of the cards.



In addition, for this campaign, they have created a limited edition of boxes to store six and twelve decks covered in gold or silver foil and an amazing intricate embossed design.



As always, it is possible to get uncut sheets.



A campaign that you can not miss if you want to complete your collection or just to get the most luxurious editions of the series. If you like them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!