JUGGLER Playing Cards. The cardistry and magic cards by Julio Ribera

Magician, cardist, student of design and Spanish. It would make no sense that someone with all those features decides to create a deck and doesn’t appear on Max Playing Cards. He is Julio Ribera, and he brings us his new deck: JUGGLER.



JUGGLER is the culmination of Julio Ribera’s dream to create a high quality deck that everyone can enjoy, the hallmark of a young and promising magician and cardist who will undoubtedly achieve many more successes in the future.

After several years looking for the perfect deck and getting more and more followers on his youtube channel, Julio has found the perfect balance in a deck that tells his own story, his challenges and his advances.



Like any deck designed thinking in card magic and cardistry, Juggler deck is simple and elegant, with very clean but completely customized designs. Numbered cards, aces, jokers and court cards have been created from scratch and framed by more stylized indices.



The back has been designed with the flourishing in mind, with a minimalist yet elegant style. For both the back and the case (and also in the jokers), the designs use ambigrams, being their protagonists the J and the R, initials of the creator, who are also the first and last letters of the name of the deck, whose meaning, has so much to do with the cardistry. This gives this deck a personal meaning for the creator but also something that anyone can use.



Looking for the best quality, the USPCC will print this deck using Tally-Ho stock and linoid finish, the favorite of Julio and many other cardists. Gambler’s will make the fulfillment, a sure bet for a smooth experience for all the backers.

With a minimum print-run of 1,000 decks, the campaign is already funded and there are still many days to improve it. In addition, during this weekend, Julio is offering gift decks for those backers who pledge for two or more. A perfect opportunity to get hold of them.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!