ARTE deck by Pr1me. The vision of the great masters in each card


After positioning in the international market with high quality cards, Pr1me has launched their last deck: ARTE.

Inspired by some of the greatest masters of painting, ARTE is a tribute to those geniuses. Aces and court show how classic artists like Manet, Caravaggio or Picasso would interpret each card.



Numbered cards follow a standard schema and jokers have been designed by Massimo Gramiccioni, the man behind Pr1me. He has also designed the back of the card inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci.



The deck also includes an index card with the names of all the artists related to the different designs and a special blank card where everyone can design their own artwork.

The release of ARTE will be very soon. I’ll let you know when available with a new article and new images.