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29 May

Pr1me ARTE Playing Cards available. Ready to frame!

  A few weeks ago I gave first news about the launch of the latest deck by Pr1me Playing Cards: ARTE . The launch of this artistic deck has arrived. ARTE deck is inspired by some of the greatest masters of painting, a tribute to those geniuses. Aces and court show how classic artists like Manet, Caravaggio or Picasso would interpret each card. Thus we have the androgynous Jack by Magritte, the weird King by Kandinsky or the asymmetric Queen by Picasso. There is a…

08 May

ARTE deck by Pr1me. The vision of the great masters in each card

  After positioning in the international market with high quality cards, Pr1me has launched their last deck: ARTE. Inspired by some of the greatest masters of painting, ARTE is a tribute to those geniuses. Aces and court show how classic artists like Manet, Caravaggio or Picasso would interpret each card.     Numbered cards follow a standard schema and jokers have been designed by Massimo Gramiccioni, the man behind Pr1me. He has also designed the back of the card inspired by…

25 February

Wine deck by AlienInk. From the vineyard to your playing table. Printed by Pr1me

  After other galactic and flowery campaigns, Alien Ink launches a new deck inspired by something more earthy and delicious: wine. The Wine deck blends the elegance of the lines in the card back with interesting characters related to the delicious ambrosia drawn in the court cards. The design of the aces is perhaps one of the strengths of these cards, which also has a customized pips creating a deck full of heady inspiration. The deck, if funded, will be…

22 December

The dark night atmosphere of Pr1me Noir deck

  Eight months after my first announcement, the Pr1me Noir deck is already a reality. Massimo Gramiccioni has confirmed me the launch of Pr1me Noir on December 24th. With a comic style design, the deck depicts the “noir” world of the night. Policemen, attorney, mafia’s killers, bartenders and singers, corrupted politicians and prostitutes are some of the characters in the court cards. I hope you enjoy the hi-res images in the gallery. 2,000 decks have been printed and although they…

28 April

Pr1me Noir coming soon

  For those all fans of Pr1me cards, it seems their new deck, Pr1me Noir, will be available in July. No much more info by now, although I keep receiving exclusive images. Interesting!     Keep in touch!  

31 January

The Queen of Hearts and a (broken) love story

An unusual heartbreak story attached to a popular deck. Massimo Gramiccioni has confirmed that after breaking up with his partner, which portrayed the queen of spades in the two editions of the Series 001 Prime decks, the next edition, the third, will have a new card. Although the pink shade of this news feeds anyone’s gossip innate need, it will be interesting for all those card lovers interested on PR1ME decks series. I will keep you informed…

01 November

New Sketch deck. Interview to Massimo Gramiccioni of Pr1me playing cards

Some months ago, I wrote an article about Pr1me playing cards. Pr1me Playing Cards is a young Italian manufacturer of playing cards that tries to give to playing cards fans a nice combination of tradition and quality. Pr1me decks have been one of the few European decks that have become popular in the international (mainly USA) market. They are proud to say that their decks are “the ??most beautiful poker cards in the world, among the standard cards”. For that…

20 July

Pr1me playing cards. Best cards in the world?

At least, that’s what they say in their official webpage header. 🙂 Pr1me Playing Cards is a young and keen Italian manufacturer of playing cards. They try to mix the good quality of Casino decks with a European design style, honouring their slogan, said by the famous Appius Claudius Caecus “Homo faber fortunae suae“ (“The man is the artificer of his own fortune”).   Pr1me Series 001   They designed the very first edition (Series 001) of their Pr1me playing…