Pr1me playing cards. Best cards in the world?

At least, that’s what they say in their official webpage header. :)

Pr1me Playing Cards is a young and keen Italian manufacturer of playing cards. They try to mix the good quality of Casino decks with a European design style, honouring their slogan, said by the famous Appius Claudius Caecus Homo faber fortunae suae (“The man is the artificer of his own fortune”).


Pr1me Series 001


They designed the very first edition (Series 001) of their Pr1me playing cards, two nice decks in red and blue with a clearly Italian design. These decks seem to have been well accepted by cardists and flourishers.

Their web offers these decks and some of the first 100 decks of Series 001 that were hand numbered and signed by the owner of Prime. A true collecting item.

Possibly, we will be able to enjoy  soon the second edition of this decks.

Find here a funny promotional video with a very Italian hot atmosphere

[youtube v6J8drXOWIQ]



Sketch deck

They have recently announced the release on the 1st of September of the “Pr1me Sketch Edition” deck, limited edition of 2000 decks numbered by hand. The artwork of the deck seems to be more elaborated than the Series 001.

Here you can find some photos from my friend Rémi’s webpage (52cartes). You can found the whole hi-res gallery on his post.