POMPEII Playing Cards. The first deck of The Black Diamon ERUPTS


In their last campaign, Gettysburg, the lovely couple Robert and Diane Tomlinson (Tomlinson Playing Card Company), told me about their plan to produce their own playing cards in order to create quality limited editions and reasonable prices. The result of this work is The Black Diamond, a new brand that already has its first deck: POMPEII.



Pompeii is inspired by the novel “The Last Days of Pompeii“, written by Edward Bulwer Lytton in 1834, which tells a romantic story between some Pompeii citizens before the destruction of the city by the Vesuvius in the first century. Bulwer Lytton’s work is itself inspired by a famous and beautiful painting with the same name made by the Russian artist Karl Bryullov.



Both the novel and painting have inspired Robert and Diane in creating this deck, where you can feel the personal style that has marked all the previous works by Tomlinson. A nice mixture of Greek and Roman cultures: mosaics, robes, hairs,… are present in the court cards. The card back shows beautiful and intricate designs with nature elements.



Two editions will be created, with a back color change that will be green for City of Brimstone Edition and red for City of Fire Edition. The cards will be printed by Wangjing Printing, the same Chinese company used for one of the Gettysburg decks that have been able to cope with their needs about a good combination of quality, limited print run and price.

If you like the design, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!