Naipes originales. Spanish playing cards by Bernabela Mujica Lainez



“Life is a complex game, perhaps the most serious that we can address, and we demand competence and understanding. Full of signs, it reveals us and confronts us with the vicissitudes of fate. Beyond the inherited notion of virtue, sometimes it asks us: Truth or lie? And gives us a free pass to create our provisional scale of values. Who in this world could hold immutable certainties? Art is an essential record of this game and it is a via regia access to the archetypal images. Spanish playing cards, ancient system of signs, allows us to discover us within a wonderful playful encounter with ourselves.”




These beautifil words (I have tried to do my best for the translation, sorry for any beauty loss) are the ones chosen by the Argentine artist  Bernabela Mujica Lainez to describe the beautiful Spanish playing cards she have created. It is a true piece of art that includes some of her drawings and paintings and full os poetry. The traditional Spanish suits are represented here by earth globes (golds), cups, pencils (clubs) and swords.

It is a very limited edition of just 120 decks. Find enclosed some images of the cards, although you can see them all in the oficial website where you will also find all the contact info if you want to buy a deck before they sell out.