LAST HOUR: the surprise at the end of the trip of that butterfly that went so far

Let’s not fool ourselves, crowdfunding is more unstable than ever but there are a few creators with guaranteed success. That’s the case of the great friend of Max Playing Cards, Ondrej Psenicka, who after almost thirty days of campaign has overcome many funding records with the new editions of his fantastic  BUTTERFLY deck.

After unlocking many stretch goals, Ondrej wanted a really happy and wild ending for the last (or not) stretch goal (1800% over the funding goal).

One of the best known episodes of this talented magician is that of his appearances on the famous American television show FOOL US, conducted by the artistic couple Penn & Teller. In his two appearances (you can see here the first and the second one), Ondrej got the highest award after leaving the two fault finding illusionists open-mouthed with his card magic routines.


For these performances, Ondrej used an unreleased version of the Butterfly deck, with black and white bordered back, to eliminate any suspicion of a marked deck. Although only 30 units of that deck were printed, Ondrej has planned to release a large print run sometime next year. For these last hours, all the backers will have a unique opportunity to get as an add-on this unmarked,  bordered, BLACK GILDED and unnumbered black deck before its official launch next year as an add-on.



In addition, all the backers who add three or more of these black decks, will receive a lapel pin. Those who add six or more decks, will get the pin and a pdf with the story of Ondrej’s latest appearance on Fool Us including a detailed explanation of how he managed to fool them again. Finally, the first 15 who add a brick. will get the pin, the pdf and one of the 30 decks he printed for the program.

Undoubtedly, a high-flying end of festival.

Do not miss it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!