EMPEROR Playing Cards. An elegant, big, powerful and especially magical deck

Two great forces come together to bring card fans to an iconic deck: EMPEROR.

Penguin Magic, internationally well-known for and selling online playing cards and magic items, has teamed up with one of the most popular and elegant designers, Mark Stutzman, capable of turning a brush and a pen into a fabulous and inspiring tool to create art. Conceived by Kevin Reylek, EMPEROR is much more than a custom deck: it represents the spirit behind Penguin Magic and seeks to become one of their hallmarks.



Among all the members of the penguin family, the emperor is the greatest and most powerful, but its strength comes not only from its size, but from its inner energy as emperor is the only one of its kind capable of traveling dozens of kilometers during the crude Antarctic winter to breed and feed its babies.

This strength is the inspiration to create an iconic deck full of elegantly illustrated details that bring to our memory the magical roots of these cards and the company behind it.

The back is very elaborate and full of fun and elegant birds in a symmetrical composition perfect for magic tricks and card games.



The Emperor penguin is the great protagonist of the deck and also of the Ace of Spades, in which Stutzman’s fabulous style does not go unnoticed.



The funny touch is provided by the rockhopper penguin, undoubtedly the biggest jester in the family.



The tuck case is simply beautiful, with an ornate staging of our classy bird in the front and the same back as the cards, something very positive for use in magic.



In addition to the standard deck, a limited edition of 500 gilded decks will be created in a special pearlescent tuck case with a foiled and numbered seal. This limited deck will be available only in the collector set that will include both editions in a double case with magnetic closure.



Beautiful illustrations and the best quality by Expert Playing Cards will undoubtedly be a must-have in any magician’s carrying case or any player’s drawer.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge (take advantage of the limited early birds).

Good luck!