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JELLYFISH Playing Cards. If you meet it in the sea, just play or do magic

They have lived with us for 500 million years. With a large gelatinous hat and stinging tentacles, jellyfishes are beautiful and dangerous creatures that any swimmer is afraid to find in the sea. Inspired by this interesting animal, Penguin Magic offers us their latest direct release: JELLYFISH. As in many of Penguin’s productions, these cards try, […]


DELAND CENTENNIAL Playing Cards. The decks that “marked” the beginning of great card magic

Theodore DeLand was one of the great pioneers of gaff cards and marked decks. In the early twentieth century, he manufactured hundreds of tricks and decks that have endured throughout magic history. Now, the company internationally well-known for and selling online playing cards and magic, Penguin Magic, has decided to pay tribute to the great […]


BICYCLE RETRO ROCKET Playing Cards. A nostalgic look at space travel

Continuing with their monthly releases, Penguin Magic friends present their new own production: BICYCLE RETRO ROCKER. Drawings by Douglas Fuchs illustrate these cards inspired by space travel and man’s desire to colonize the universe. The designs are simple and cartoonish, with monochrome color schemes and soft shapes to give the whole a very effective retro […]


BICYCLE WRANGLERS Playing Cards. If you use this deck with other outlaws you will be in serious trouble

The use of marked decks in the 19th century Wild West was widespread. Marking gave an edge to scammers at the poker tables and was the source of great fights (and occasional deaths). Inspired by the days of cowboys and game, Penguin Magic presents a direct release of their own production: BICYCLE WRANGLERS. The BICYCLE […]


BICYCLE HONEYBEE Playing Cards. The famous bees arrive again, but this time pedaling

In 2015, a cool collaboration began between a great company dedicated to magic products, Penguin Magic, and a talented designer who has always been a good friend of Max Playing Cards, Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company). That collaboration made possible a bestseller called HoneyBee. Honeybee was a simple but bold deck, perfect for magic, play and […]