The white Bicycle deck of the Black Widow



Jean Labelle is an artist, a dreamer, an art and magic lover, someone that wanted to see a dream come true with a deck designed from the bottom of his heart, the Labelle “The Mystic deck. Unfortunately he couldn’t fund the project but I am sure we will see some day this deck printed.

In the meanwhile, Jean launches a new deck, the Bicycle Black Widow.

This deck is the start of his future of art deck designs. He defines the deck as beautiful and yet unnerving in an appealing way.  He has tried to keep the true Bicycle feel through the art of the special face card images, holding true to the card traditions and yet uniquely complimenting the Black Widow spider design.

Main features of the deck are:

  • Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Premium Quality Bicycle Paper Stock
  • 56 Customized Art Cards based on Bicycle Traditions
  • Art Designed Quality Custom Tuck Box
  • Main spider art carefully illustrated from actual Black Widow
  • Created from a Lifelong Vision of Playing Card Dreams



The design combines crisp and sleek art with a dimensional look to the Widows.  Jean wanted them to look as though they actually ‘lived’ within the playing card.  The webbing has a subtle light-gray coloring with white accents.

Due to its versatility, it will be the perfect deck for players and magicians and the art will also convince collectors.

You can raise your pledge and get more info in the project website. Enjoy the images and keep connected!