Alice OF Wonderland. Alicia has grown up and she is steampunky.



This is one of those times where having a look to the artwork, I don’t need to see the deck to know it will be stunning.

The talented artist Juan Solorzano, a true fan of Alice in Wonderland, has decided to release his first deck of cards based on his own vision of the classic Carroll’s  tale: Alice of Wonderland.

Inside Juan’s imagination, Alice has grown up in the late 1800’s Victorian Era, when her own tale was written by Lewis Carroll, and although her memories from Wonderland have changed, everything is now Steampunk but still Wonderland.

There are four kingdoms in this new Wonderland, one per suit, and all the main characters of the tale are present here: the Hatter, the Chesire Ct, The White Rabbit, The Queen and, of course, Alice.

The Steampunk movement has given us great (and awful) decks of cards along last years but this will be, for sure, one of the nicest one. If funded, the deck will be printed by the USPCC on Aristocrat paper, with an embossed finish, and Pantone color inks. Metallic inks will be available depending on the final funds.

There will be TWO VERSIONS of the deck. The gold edition (colored cards in vintage tones, with the brown & gold back color scheme) and the silver edition (black & white artwork with a white background, with a gray & silver back color scheme); a cool combination of color and elegance. Find many images in the gallery to enjoy this art.

Furthermore, Juan is going to release a full color short comic about Alice as a stretch goal. You can raise your pledge and get more info in the project page.

Good luck!