8-Bit Bicycle Traditional 5200 Deck. The pixelated playing cards in green


Do you remember the funny 8-bit deck collection by Home Run Games? Well, there is a newcomer in the saga: 8-bit Traditional 5200 deck.

Inspired by the popular Atari 5200 games, successors of the 2600, this deck maintains the same aesthetic concept of their adventure fellows. The graphics are based on the old-fashioned and still alive pixelated arcade games using in this time the green color as the background protagonist.

There will two editions of the deck (in fact two different tuck cases): the Bicycle branded unlimited edition and the unbranded edition limited to 1,000 units and with a numbered metal plate.

If you are a collector and have lost the chance to get any other of the previous 8-bit creations, you have the perfect opportunity to get them all in this campaign. If you are a retro-consoles nerd… do not hesitate, this is your deck too. Anyway, if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!