Delirium Playing Cards. The Delirium Tremens vector deck


Giovanni Meroni, creator of the Evil Deck, the winner of The Discourse deck contest this year, has just launched his last crazy deck: Delirium.

Giovanni is a master of the vector illustration and he has designed something new, fresh and really funny. Delirium is a modern deck inspired in the classic french playing cards and it inaugurates the new branch of playing cards created by artist: Thirdway Industries.



The deck will be printed by EPCC and it has been chosen to become the official United Cardists 2015 deck. A new material will be used for the tuck case, something called prismatic stock, a paper that change the color at every angle. It is something similar to the reflective rainbow color used by USPCC in some special editions like the Karnival series or the Pharaoh deck by Collectable Playing Cards. This colorful reflects will give the deck an even more crazy aspect.

Although there is planned just one edition in the campaign, the Delirium Prism, another edition, completely different in faces and colors, the Insomnia deck, will be unlocked a a stretch goal. There is a third deck prepared as a higher stretch goal, but till now it remains a mystery.



If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!