BICYCLE BANDANA Playing Cards. Decked out in style and savings

The word “bandana” comes from the Hindi word “bandhana,” meaning “to tie.” Originating in India centuries ago, the bandana was initially a square piece of fabric primarily used for protection against dust and the sun in warm and dusty climates. These pieces of cloth were tied around the head to keep hair in place and shield the face from the elements. presents a direct release that combines simplicity and inspiration through the essence of the classic headscarf: BICYCLE BANDANA.

Throughout history, bandanas have been used in various cultures and regions worldwide for a variety of purposes. In their simplest form, they were practical handkerchiefs serving protective functions. However, over time, they evolved into a versatile and expressive fashion accessory that transcended their original purpose. To maintain the idea of functional simplicity, the deck’s customization, designed by Juniardi Satyanagara, is subtle, enhancing playability and suitability for card magic routines. Large-sized aces stand out beautifully adorned with classic paisley patterns.



Each card carries a fragment of the enduring charm of this classic accessory. The subtle customization also extends to the court cards, reminiscent of traditional designs but featuring characters adorned with bandanas, contributing their own touch to this timeless style.



As you explore the numbered cards, you’ll notice the classic pip arrangement with custom points elegantly paying homage to the classic headscarf pattern. It’s a subtle yet effective touch that adds character to the deck.



The unpretentious design of this deck is an invitation to rediscover the joy of simplicity in card games, where sometimes the most direct approach can be the most charming. The symmetrical back design is a geometric composition that also decorates the back of the tuck box.



The deck includes two jokers and two special gaffed cards with double backs and double faces.

The cards have been printed by the USPCC with air cushion finish in a edition of 2500 decksA limited number of units are available since the rest have been sent to the members of the Pip Box Club and other dealers.

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Good luck!