AD LUCEM Playing Cards: illuminating Renaissance history and art

Get ready for a journey through time to the golden era of the Renaissance. Discover a captivating deck where art, history, and wisdom intertwine in every card. Immerse yourself in a unique experience that will transport you to the heart of this historical period: AD LUCEM.

Ad Lucem is the second deck in the series dedicated to the Renaissance, revisiting the designs of its predecessor, Ad Fontes, with a renewed style, colors and textures inspired by Renaissance church murals, featuring marble-like effects and cracks. The talented artistic development by Ritu Bhattacharya adapts to a profound historical study conceptualized by Christian Buss (Nova Lux Decks). This collaboration, along with the stunning renders by Bivas Bhattacharjee, has managed to capture the essence, depth, and majesty of the Renaissance in every detail.

The court cards have been meticulously crafted, providing a rich tapestry of symbolism that allows for a deeper understanding of the source of inspiration behind this deck. Each suit has been designed to intertwine with significant aspects of the era: art is reflected in hearts, politics in diamonds, religion in clubs, and discoveries in spades. Contemplating these cards is like embarking on an exciting journey through time, immersing oneself in a pictorial experience of the highest quality.



The jokers represent the eternal duality between good and evil, heaven and hell.



The back design is beautifully decorated and inspired by the Sistine Chapel.



The numbered cards have also been completely customized, with an original arrangement of the pips that does not detract from their recognition and playability.



Ritu has also designed a beautiful tuck case, with a design based on linear perspective, an essential element of Renaissance art and architecture.



Two different editions of this deck have been created. The Erudite edition will be the most affordable but will contain all the beauty of this creation in a printed tuck case. The Sovereign edition will be a unique piece, with an embossed and double foiled tuck case, metallic interior printing, a numbered seal, and a stunning gold foil on the faces and backs of the cards, complemented by an impressive gold gilding.



The decks will be printed by WJPC on 310gsm German linen paper with a linen finish. The distribution will be EU-friendly (no additional taxes or duties for EU countries).

The campaign is already funded, so if you want a piece of art and playing card collecting history, visit the project page and make your pledge.

Good luck!