MEDIEVAL Playing Cards. Silver or gold for your next tournament against a dragon

Ben Jones (Elephant Playing Cards) has teamed Egor Klyuchnyk (Anomaly World Studio) to create a new an nice deck of cards: MEDIEVAL.

This deck has nothing to do with the style of Ben’s previous decks, Prism and Pipmen, and it is also far from the previous and disturbing works of Egor in Demon and Strange Head Society.  This deck is inspired by medieval age, with a design in black and white that transports us to ancient times, knights and maidens, heraldic shields and epic battles.




Entire deck has been customized, from indexes and suits to court cards and tuck case, in order to be in tune with the theme and give an old times appearance. Court cards depict portraits inspired by the style of the great Spanish painter Diego Velazquez. Numbered cards have subtle heraldic symbols as background with elegant french-style pips and jokers depict the two sides of a battle between a knight on horseback and a fearsome dragon.





Those who enjoy the designs of this black and white Silver Edition, but would like to see them in full color, just need to wait for the project funded enough to unlock the Gold Edition, a beautiful limited and colorful deck.





Both decks will be printed by Legends Playing Cards using their Robust thicker stock and the tuck case will have a cool old-style outer flap and a special seal that could be numbered in the Gold edition if funds enough are achieved.

Undoubtedly, a beautiful medieval piece for your collection or for your “poker knights” ;) Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!