BICYCLE VACASA Playing Cards. A promotional deck for your next stress-free vacation

Following with rare and difficult to find decks, beyond the custom decks, the United States Playing Card Company produces many advertising cards. For Bicycle cards collectors getting these cards is a difficult task because companies usually give these decks away to their customers or use them in celebrations or promotional events so they never go on sale and most of the times, what is more painful, cards end up destroyed by children in their games or just stored in drawers (or bins) of people who have no special interest in them. Max Playing Cards is already a reference point for collectors around the world and as a fan of Bicycle cards I will speak, whenever I can, of these sometimes unknown Bicycle branded decks for, at least, disclose the existence of these curious items and the companies behind them.

VACASA is a great company that offers a full-service vacation rental management platform with around 3,000 vacation homes in almost 150 destinations in the Americas (United States, Chile, Belize and Panama) and Europe (Spain and Italy), places that are expanding gradually to other parts of the world that will soon include Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. Vacasa was born from the need to not only take care of a property properly, but to also secure the best financial returns for homeowners and provide a seamless start-to-finish experience for guests. They offer a full service for homeowners and guests, before, during and after the stay, so they take care of everything and everyone to ensure a fantastic “stress-free” vacation experience.





Among all their promotional items there is one I would love to have (and many others even would like to know about its existence): VACASA BICYCLE deck. Using a standard Bicycle deck, Vacasa has added to the card faces images and information about some of the properties offered to their customers using their corporate logo for the back of the card.




If you are not able to get this deck, at least, you can enjoy one of these fantastic houses around the world for your next holidays. And if you come to Spain, make a call! Who knows? Perhaps we can enjoy some tapas with good conversation on playing cards;) Visit VACASA website for more information.

Happy holidays!