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09 March

THE RIGHT OF KINGS Playing Cards. Get your court and conquer the medieval world

The world of board games is quite wide and alien to playing cards collectors. However, there are times when a board game hides great playing cards decks. That is the case of THE RIGHT OF KINGS. The passion for illustration of Alex Rivas and the sensitivity of Paul Lombardi in his wood works have led them to create a campaign together with an exciting board game. Inspired by epic medieval struggles between kingdoms for power and domination, this board game ensures…

08 February

Leonardo Decks. Pure Renaissance in Playing Cards

  Dent-de-Lion du Midi is a renaissance man: artist, inventor, musician, painter, writer, … Following in his daughter’s footsteps, Soleil , creator of the Glitch deck, he has recently released a very interesting work on playing cards: Leonardo decks. The artist and creator of this deck is a fan of Leonardo Da Vinci, the polimath wise man from the Italian Renaissance famous for his works in every type of artistic expression. Inspired by the character and his work, the deck includes…

06 September

Renaissance Playing Cards. More than 300 years of illustrated history

  Maxim Hurwicz drew a deck of illustrated playing cards more than 30 years ago. The cards were quite popular in Renaissance Festivals so he decided to print a new set of two decks using the same original face card designs and with two new color backs: Reinaissance Playing Cards.     Every card has been carefully pen&ink illustrated inspired by historical documents and paintings but with Maxim’s own style. The result is a set of 54 funny cards that…