FLORENTIA Playing Cards. The beauty of the Italian Renaissance in your hands

Each one has their favorite towns. The mixture of sensations that a place evokes in us combines its beauty with the experiences lived in it. If I had to make a list of my five cities, without a doubt, Florence would be in the top. Cradle of culture, art and architecture of the Renaissance, this beautiful city has served as inspiration for a careful masterpiece: FLORENTIA.

This deck arises from the heart of Italy in a new collaboration between Riccardo Conturbia (Passione Playing Cards) and the artist Elettra Deganello (:[creative]studio). After offering us the delicacy of Pinocchio‘s vector designs, the artist has developed for this project a much more elaborate style, based on a deep study of sculptural and architectural art that Florence exudes through its veins.



For this campaign, two decks have been created that show the beauty of Renaissance art from two different perspectives but a common style and objective.

Florentia Antica represents a more classical and balanced vision. The back blends geometric shapes with symmetrical architectural references.



Florentia Nova is somewhat more daring and dynamic, with an elaborate back showing the coat of arms of the Medici, the most powerful and influential family of the Italian Renaissance.



In addition to the backs, the decks also have different faces in compositions that demonstrate the artist’s mastery in her studies of sculpture and architecture of the time. Court cards, aces and jokers show references to works of art that can be enjoyed in the museums and streets of the Tuscan city.



The tuck cases also make a difference with two different color combinations, with metallic inks and foil in purple and neon yellow respectively.



In addition to both decks, as Passione did in previous campaigns, Aeterna edition is offered, a special limited edition with a double book-shaped case containing both decks and lavishly decorated with gold foil. You can also get a fantastic uncut Aeterna tuck available only in some Early Birds.



Depending on funding, the decks will be printed by WJPC or USPCC, two printers that have successfully worked in previous Passione campaigns.

If you want to take home a piece of art, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!