Bicycle Steel deck. Be careful with these cards or you will cut your finger


After their successful Dark Templar deck, Cardicians comes back with their new creation: Bicycle Steel deck.



The deck is inspired by “Chakkou Hizukuri” a unique Japanese ancient forge welding technique for making samurai swords. The Steel deck features cool pips, with sharp edges and a cold and elegant metal design.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC under Bicycle license in a 5,000 units run. The campaign is almost funded with many days left so it is possible it will reveal new surprises, add-ons and improvements.



Apart from other nice add-ons such as dice, poker chips or card clips, all made of steel, one of the most interesting is the “Throne” for the deck. An impressive display made with the same design lines used in the deck, The Throne evolves while the project funding increases. It will have a total of four phases that go from the single model for the deck to a much more elaborated model that will store the cards, dice, a coin and even some drinking coasters.

Visit the project website and raise your pledge to make this deck real.

Good luck!