MANTRA Playing Cards. Three decks that will give you spiritual calm

Mantras are tools with spiritual power traditionally related to the deities of Hinduism. The Shanti Mantras (or Peace Mantras) are prayers present in religious rituals to convey a sense of peace around those who recite them. With an inspiration in these prayers you can find the new MANTRA decks.

Created by Noir Arts (NPCC) , these three decks are named after each of the Shanti Mantras, used to calm and remove obstacles from the three realms described in the Hindu scriptures: the “Physical” (Adhi-Bhautika) The “Divine” (Adhi-Daivika) and the “Internal” (Adhyaatmika).

From the same Hindu-inspired illustrations with geometric and ornate shapes and divine characters on court cards, each deck has a different design. Adhi-Bhautika, uses a more traditional 2-way court scheme with very vivid and intense colors. Adhi-Daivika, also a colorist, is recreated in court cards with larger and more detailed 1-way images.


Adhyaatmika is the most limited of the three, designed in gold and silver colors on a dark background.



NPCC has proven itself to be at the top of the printing technology of its tuck cases, and the ones in these decks will include all possible extras (foil, embossing, inner printing), although some of them are stretch goals.

Fine decks at reasonable prices. If you like them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!