BICYCLE BLIZZARD Playing cards. Complete your collection of Natural Disasters


Only a few months ago, Volcano Playing Cards begun the series of Natural Disasters that ends in a couple of days with BICYCLE BLIZZARD.



This series by Collectable Playing Cards has depicted throughout 7 proposals a set of decks dedicated to the great catastrophes by Mother Nature. Designed by Juniardi Satyanagara, the designs of all of them follow the same pattern, based on the traditional playing cards but with the customization of pips and the faces using different color schemes linked to each of the phenomena. Thus, the Blizzard deck uses a combination of cold colors, mainly blue.



This deck completes a series that, when printed, all the sides put together will form an image of a skull, symbol of death and destruction.

If you want to get the last deck or even the complete collection, visit the project website and make your contribution.

Good luck!