TRIPLE VISION Playing Cards. Put your red and blue glasses on and let’s play poker

I wanted to talk today about the TRIPLE VISION deck, which brings back memories of childhood when the 3D technology was based on layered composite anaglyphic images in red and cyan that, with the use of a pair of colored glasses (sometimes homemade), became lovely (and a little dizzy) three-dimensional images in our brain. A revolution in film, photography and comics that made us strange Martian four-eyes that, hypnotized, didn’t want to flash to avoid missing any detail.




The deck has been created by One Widow, a young company formed by Jared Allen and Matt Pettifer, devoted to design. Although this is their first experience in crowdfunding, they have already produced three more decks with their creative and crazy personal style. Their childhood memories of the 3D images on cereal boxes and comics led them to investigate the anaglyph art and decided to launch a deck that, being interesting for magicians and cardists in terms of quality, would have that original twist based on the three dimensional images.



Triple Vision is a completely customized deck, with a “retro” design specially created to be seen with 3D glasses (that comes with it) although it is also perfectly visible without them. It will be printed by the USPCC with their classic air-cushion finish.




If you like the idea and want to enjoy a different poker night, much more three-dimensional, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!