Collectable Playing Cards celebrate their hundred. Congratulations!

I perfectly remember when, in 2013, I was chatting with the Spanish Ana Albares, one of their first artists, about Collectable Playing Cards. The man behind an already consolidated company dedicated to the magic products in Magic Trick Store, Mike Guistolise, decided to begin a business venture about playing cards in which he would also produce his own decks. More than 4 years later, Collectable Playing Cards has become one of the most prolific producers of cards, mainly Bicycle. Many designs and designers have collaborated with this company that has used crowdfunding as a dissemination platform for their creations.

Their good relationship with the USPCC has allowed a fast production rhythm and a quite efficient process of creation and distribution. Even USPCC has chosen some of their decks, such as Emotions, to make mass productions of new editions.

To celebrate their hundred decks made along these years, CPC has just launched a striking limited edition: BICYCLE 100th DECK.



Of course, for the occasion, Mike wanted this deck to be special and has filled it with extras, especially in the tuck case, such as the inner printingembossing and gold foil or the numbered seal.



The back will use golden metallic inks.



Keeping the traditional pattern, faces have been customized with golden tones on cream backgrounds and an intricate decoration, with the classic and ornate style used in other previous creations.



A nice Bicycle branded deck that the USPCC will produce in a limited edition of 2700 units.

If you want to have a deck that represents a tireless work of many years to become a reference in the playing card business, visit  the project website and raise your pledge.



In addition, you can visit two other active campaigns by CPC:






Juniardi Satyanagara has already collaborated with CPC. His designs are usually based on traditional faces with colorful customizations.



This time the inspiration comes from the fireflies and the natural beauty of their lights. Thousands of them have invaded the cards in this deck where classic black and red are mixed with the gold in the court cards and the explosion of green lights from these small insects.



Bicycle branded and printed by the USPCC, the project is almost funded. Only a few dollars are needed to make it real so, if you like it, you can pledge in the project website.








Designed by Johnny Whaam, another CPC’s frequent artist, the deck pays homage to the mythical figures of the Roman Empire.

With the gold as the main color of faces and backs, the artist has completely customized the deck, creating court cards that show fierce warriors and fighters.



The back is full of symbols related to the fights in the arena and the tuck case also uses an elaborate design in gold on a red background.



Produced by the USPCC and Bicycle branded, there are still a few days until the end of the campaign so, if you like it, you can help to make it real pledging on the project website.




Good luck!

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