OPEN SECRETS Playing Cards. The shiny mystery of number patterns

Any friend of Max Playing Cards should know Old Gravity, the charming couple made up of Ritu and Bivas, who have offered us artistic harmony and talent in their playing cards. In contrast to Ritu’s stylized illustrations, full of organic beauty, his beloved colleague Bivas has just released his first creation with a more sober style and an interesting combination of science and mystery: OPEN SECRETS..

Behind this oxymoron is Orion Playing Cards, the team made up of Bivas and the British gallery of contemporary art, Abundant, who make their appearance on the crowdfunding scene with this first deck that will undoubtedly be a success.

The digital artist wanted to create cards attractive to cardistry aficionados but conceptually complex to appeal to collectors. Thus, Bivas has played with classical symbology, coding, technology, optical illusions and hidden messages.

The cards have a two-color scheme that combines metallic inks in silver and red. The court cards, the numbered cards and the aces are built on repeating patterns of symbols that hide, in a puzzle style, the letter or number represented by each card.



The jokers reference two classic error codes with a comical and disturbing twist in their messages.



The back features a linear and abstract design that creates an optical illusion when spun and creates striking fan compositions.



On the tuck case, the red foil stands out on a dark gray paper. Hidden messages are encoded in binary and the numbers are properly distributed to form mystical figures like the eye of providence.



Without a doubt, this is an attractive proposal to look over calmly and discover its innumerable secrets.

The deck will be printed by the USPCC on premium casino paper.

If you want to discover more secrets and get it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!