Glitch 2.0 decks. Misprinted playing cards in neon colors


I have talked before about intentionally misprinted decks. One of the latest was Glitch, a very original and artistic deck inspired by digital systems failures when displaying images. After the first edition, successfully funded and almost sold out, its creator, Soleil, launches GLITCH 2.0.

For this new deck, the artist has chosen Legends Playing Card Company for printing. There will be two different editions, [Circuit Fail] and [Error Msg], concepts directly related to system failures. These new editions will be more colorful and will use neon fluorescent inks in the cards, making them more visually interesting and ensuring a much faster brain and eyes pain :).

For playability purposes, the cards in both editions will be the same, except for the jokers, which will have the opposite colors.

In this new venture two great artists, but especially two great persons, who are also father and daughter have joint. Soleil and Dent-de-Lion du Midi (Leonardo decks) have created Art Playing Cards, a new company devoted to go on offering cards with an interesting artistic and aesthetic value. I wish them the best of luck from the bottom of my heart.

If you like the style of these crazy cards, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!