Omnia Playing Cards. Ancestral inspiration with modern design


After the interesting (and a bit crazy) Delirium campaign, Giovanni Meroni (Thirdway Industries) strikes back with his certainly most mature work: OMNIA.

Omnia remains true to traditional aesthetics but raises some modern designs with the apparent plainness of vector graphics but a high level of detail.

Inspired by the most ancient cultures, mythologies and religions, Omnia cards are fresh and very clean. A classic beauty coupled with a complex simplicity.

The campaign was funded in a few hours and it is already close to achieving four times its original goal. Giovanni has unlocked many extras, with three editions for his backers taht will be printed by The Expert Playing Card Company.



Each edition is different, not only in color but also in design, something we, the collectors, deeply appreciate. Omnia Oscura represents the darker aspects of the universe. With a tuck case in black and gold foil, the cards have a white background and metallic gold ink. Omnia Illumina represents the bright side. With a tuckcase in glossy white and gold foil, the cards use different metallic inks. Omnia Suprema is the limited deck, with 500 units available on Kickstarter. Suprema is where the gods live and the tuck case uses a cool red foil while the cards have a black background and multiple metallic inks.



Giovanni has also designed one stunning special card for each deck. Three cards with a very metallic finish, gold for Oscura, silver for illumina and red for Suprema.


All designs are full of details and symbolism. If you have not contributed yet, do not hesitate. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!