Olympia Playing Cards. Greek classical beauty sculpted in bronze


Muertos project was one of the most successful campaigns of Playing Cards in Kickstarter. artist Steve Minty has successfully launched his second work: OLYMPIA.

Olympia is the result of the passion Steve feels since childhood about Greek mythology and its incredible stories.



The artist’s style mixes the inspiration of the most iconic characters with the delicate lines of classical Greek sculpture, creating elegant, clean and very beautiful designs.

Apart from the original Olympia deck, with a white background and a foiled and embossed tuck case, the creator has just unlocked the UnderWorld edition, with a cool combination of blue and turquoise. Both decks will be printed by USPCC.



And for those looking for something really exclusive, they have also unlocked five (yes only FIVE) units of the Bronze edition, with wooden cards gilded in bronze in a magnificent luxury box.



If you have not backet it yet, do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!