DIABOLIQUE ENGINES Playing Cards. Two artists together with common gears

Two artists have teamed in a project to make their own interpretation of the same theme: DIABOLIQUE ENGINES.




Steven Fields and Greg Brown (Two Geeks Gaming) have made on playing cards their own interpretation of clockwork with gears and pulleys.

Steven’s deck is called “GLOW” and has a geometric structure design. Despite its monochromatic schema, it uses a different color on each suit. Although the inks used won’t glow, the design itself pretends to glow in a dark background with an original distribution of the suits locked in gears. Each court card represents a machine consisting of many moving parts.






Greg’s deck, called “SHINE“, is quite different. With a more traditional design, cards pretend to bright with the metallic shines of gold and silver gears. Numbered cards have an original schema as they are represented by holes in gears. Ornate frames and designs complete the artwork in all the cards.





Both decks will be printed by Make Playing Cards, with which 2GG already worked in their previous campaign. Moreover, from this previous experience, they have also decided to produce a very limited quantity of a third deck, RADIANT, which is a combination of the other two. This deck will be printed with high gloss technology by MPC which, together with the color explosion of the designs, will produce a very interesting result.


DiaboliqueEngines_RadiantTuck DiaboliqueEngines_RadiantCards


If you like the decks, visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!