EL DORADO – MAYA Playing Cards. The legend of gold in colorful ancient civilizations

After a first unfunded try, Emmanuel Valtierra, the creator of colorful playing cards inspired by ancient civilizations, relaunches the first deck of a new series: EL DORADO – MAYA.




Inspired by the Mayan culture and symbolism, emperors, gods, women and animals taken from ancient codex are depicted in the court cards in a completely customized deck, full of interesting details.

For the relaunch, the artist has created two different editions. The Golden Edition shows a monochrome design in metallic colors with gold faces and red backs. Sober and elegant. On the other hand, the Color Edition keeps the colorful aspect of his previous creations with the artist’s unmistakable style.



Like in his previous decks, Emmanuel is going to print again with Make Playing Cards (MPC) in a, as ever, limited print run. If this is funded, he will launch the second deck of the series: INCA. Find below a preview of the designs:


If you like the deck, you can also get the few remaining ones from the previous series. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!