IMPERIUM Playing Cards. Strong like a lion and elegant like an eagle

Concept Grafix is a young and dynamic entrepreneurial company that begins a new adventure in the graphic creativity business. They wanted to break through the main gate launching a deck full of strength and beauty: IMPERIUM.




Designed by renowned artist known as the Blackout Brother, the illustrations are inspired by the Roman Empire and it power, so it is full of historical references and bold designs. The concept behind the design is represented by two marvelous creatures: the strength of the lion, the king of the animal nature and the majesty of the eagle, watchful from the heights. The deck keeps loyal to the traditional playing cards but has been completely customized in each and every one of its cards, from aces to court, from numbered to jokers.

The project has been a success and three different decks are available in the campaign. The first one is the Bicycle Branded Edition, made by the USPCC in a print run of 2,500 decks in a beautiful embossed box with red foil.The second one is the Limited Unbranded Edition, made by LPCC in a print-run of only 1,500 decks in a embossed tuck case with gold foil. Although the card faces are the same as in the Bicycle, the card backs are different and will also have gold foil accents.


Imperium_Cards Imperium_TwoBacks Imperium_TwoSeals


The third one is the Special Black Edition that has been unlocked during the campaign. The USPCC will print these elegant cards with an intense dark color scheme and an embossed black tuck case with gold foiled designs and a limited and numbered print run of 1000 decks.


Imperium_SpecialBlackCardsImperium_SpecialBlackBack Imperium_SpecialBlackSeal


Get these beauties visiting the the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!