The Hallucinatory Playing Cards. Get your sunglasses and let’s play!



“The only thing that the world will be never tired of is the exaggeration” – Salvador Dalí

After many years collecting cards I have seen the way in which the taste has evolved. We are in a very tumultuous time regarding the playing cards design. At this time, complex and elaborated designs full of tasteful art compete with simple designs (called minimalist) that border on impudence and insult to the intelligence.

This has created a complex plot of likes and dislikes in favor and against decks, designs and even designers. A criticism, that being constructive, can enrich the creator and his work, but that is often destructive and hurtful.



That’s why today I decided to make a reference to a deck that has generated many phobias among the card fans but, at the same time, has been funded, showing how democratic is the taste for design: The Hallucinatory deck.

You will need goggles to watch these cards safely because, as warned in the campaign, they can burn your eyes. This is a deck that doesn’t go unnoticed, because it tears the visual sense with an impossible combination of colors and shapes,



The deck will be produced by Newt’s Games, a company that has nearly 20 years offering fun to everyone through their games and, after printing more than 200 different decks, they perfectly know the playing cards market and production process. In addition, Newt’s managers are also greedy deck collectors.



There will be several editions of this deck. On the one side, there will be a Original Edition and a Glow-In-The-Dark edition. There will also be a set of two limited decks that will be an edition of just 50 units. All decks will be printed in China. excepting these limited decks that will be printed in the USA.



If you don’t go blind after watching at the images, visit the project website and raise your pledge. And remember that the uncut is also available.

Good luck!