ROME: AUGUSTUS Playing Cards. A modern chronicle of a very ancient Rome

It has been 4 years since Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) released ROME, one of his most successful creations. The designer has recovered the illustrations from the originals to offer us a renewed and interesting proposal: ROME: AUGUSTUS.

The deck is inspired by Ancient Rome and is named after Augustus, the first Roman emperor after the disintegration of the second triumvirate. The designs have that unmistakable style by Randy, with beautiful illustrations and accurate details. Each card is designed with cleverly combined elements. The portraits from ancient statues, the patterns used in the central banners, the laurel wreath dividing the mirrored figures, a map in the background with hidden clues about characters and numbered cards and a full customization of all elements.

Taken from the original designs, the court cards show influential people from the Roman society of the time, from Cicero to Augustus, including, of course, a Cleopatra re-interpreted by the artist from the numerous representations of the Egyptian queen.



The pips in the numbered cards arranged as soldiers, the aces related to the Roman legions and two jokers with statues of Caesar and Augustus complete these magnificent decks.



The back has been illustrated with a landscape of ancient Rome and a close-up of the statue of Augustus in a symmetrical composition divided by the same banner of the faces but inverted to avoid marking the cards in a game.



The composition of the urban landscape on the back is also present in the design of the tuck case completed by the statues of Augustus and Caesar. The golden foil and the embossing (stretch goal) give it the elegance of such high leaders.



In addition, as an exclusive item in the campaign, a limited edition of 1000 die-cut sleeves will be created. The sleeves will give color to the marble statues in a very original way.



A coin and a companion book can be obtained as add-ons.



Like in several previous works, Randy will use Legends to print this deck with their classic finish, softer and slicker.

If you like it, get one of the early birds visiting the project website and raising your pledge.

Good luck!